2013 Best of Awards

Congrats to all of our 2013 Best of winners!

These 4 spirits were voted the best by our attendees, and we congratulate them on being best in show for 2013!

Best Blanco Celestial

Tasting Notes: Aroma: A very nice agave flavor up front with just a hint of cement/earth notes. Slightly oily mouth feel…very full. Well rounded as the sweet notes are complimented by a full flavor of peppery goodness. A medium-long finish with very strong earthy & peppery notes to go with the lingering agave sweetness.

Best Reposado Celestial

Tasting Notes: Aromas of mint, earth, vanilla and orange flower are complimented by the grassy sweetness of agave. Flavors of almonds and marzipan, baking spec and and a hit of smoke on the tongue, with a honeyed, medium finish.

Best Añejo Don Pilar

Tasting Notes: Don Pilar has an aroma of woody agave, notes of citrus and butter. It’s light sweet agave and mild wood on the tongue, with buttery agave and hint of roasted nuts. It has a warm mouthfeel, with medium length finish with butter and nut aftertaste.

Best Mezcal Wahaka Ensamble Mezcal Joven

Tasting Notes: This mezcal takes you on a journey from Tobala with its distinctive floral expression, into a Madre Cuishe, which is characterized by earth flavors, mineral tones and citrus complements. The noble Espadin simply serves as the mediator who allows their respective virtues to spring out in an orderly and wholesome fashion.


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